Adrien Vestmont

Elusive daughter and heir to the family fortune


From the file of Randal Tarse:

“Heir the the illustrious Vestmont Estate in the Capital City of Uldamar. Her father, Brennan Vestmont took over his family’s mining business when he was 16 and made the business what it is today after several very successful veins were discovered. Her mother, Tendara Beaufont was married to Brennan after it was arranged through their parents – most likely for ties to the vast Beaufont land ownership. This arrangement enabled Brennan to start new claims in uncharted territories and expand his already impressive business.

Adrien, showing almost no interest in the family business enjoyed racing horses and was a champion in the Uldamar Equestrian 100’s. Her steed of choice was “Rehnquist”, an Uldarian quarter horse.

Her younger sister is Yrellia Vestomont.

We are not sure exactly when, but several years ago, Adrien up and left the family. She took several odd jobs to survive and chose not to touch a single copper of the family’s vast wealth. When she heard about the ill treatment of Longshoreman, Adrien took it upon herself to be an activist and make a change to the system.

Her impressive career with the Longshoreman is exemplary and she has been invaluable over the last couple years.

There are reports of Adrien meeting with hooded figures in secret – we have not been able to discern their identities, but it is believed they are tied to her family; as her mother has been sending her messages every other month. They are worried about her and try to send her money, but she turns it away and discards the messages. It was not until recently that we received the first and only message directly from her father.

It read:
“Adrien, you MUST come home at once. Events are unfolding in a way that threatens your life. I cannot continue to protect you if you are off helping those boat men and skipping around ports. Come home before it is too late!”

After that, Adrien became distant and only a few days later she was gone. What our scouts can confirm is that she did not go home. We discovered a stack of maps in her belongings. But she took whatever was important to her most and left in a hurry.

We have kept the messages from her parents if needed. "


Adrien Vestmont

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